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Free money transfer / currency exchange?

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  • Free money transfer / currency exchange?

    I often have large transfers between Norwegian and Swedish banks, since I have family and houses in Sweden. It costs a bit - would like to optimize this to cut the cost of exchange as much as possible, preferably to zero.
    Has previously had the opportunity from Sweden to Norway, completely free of charge or currency hedge (have used GE Money Bank, "My card with savings rate"), but this is no longer available.

    But I think it's possible to get it. Have started looking at Ferratum, but failed to register because they required my Norwegian mobile number to have 10 digits (in addition to +47)! They sent a message about the matter.

    If anyone has experience or tips about the cheapest possible transfers between Sweden / sec and Norway / enough, I'm interested! The order of magnitude up to about 500k / year.

    I have the advantage of already having both Swedish and Norwegian bank accounts, bank cards and social security numbers.

    I will try to share my experiences in this thread
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    Have you looked at TransferWire?


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      Det er ingen gratis utveksling nĂ¥, alle tar en provisjon for utvekslingen.


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        Yes, Transferwise is by far the easiest and cheapest way to move funds between different countries. I only use them for my own money transfers.


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          Oh, you could also consider using crypto, but that can be risky unless you know exactly what you're doing.